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New Jersey
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Toll Compaction has numerous stainless steel ribbon blenders of various sizes at both their NJ and Ohio facilities.

Milling, pelletizing, granulation, and screening can be done prior to or after blending. TC can handle incoming raw materials in various types of packaging including paper bags, PE bags, boxes, drums or bulk bags. All materials going into the blenders can be weighed on digital scales to ensure accuracy of formulation. Batch sizes  range from 500 to 6000 lbs/blend. Blending times are established and there are numerous procedures in place to insure proper, homogenous blends. Blended products are either packaged into final packaging or can be staged for dry granulation or pelletizing. We are capable of spraying liquids into powder blends as blenders are fitted with a manifold and spray nozzle system. Blenders are swept, vacuumed cleaned, and steam pressure washed before switching products. Blended products can be packaged into valve bags, pails, cans, drums, or bulk bags. Each lot is sampled, marked with customer lot numbers, and samples are either retained or sent to customers or both as requested.


250 Cubic Ft. We have two 250 cubic feet stainless steel double ribbon blenders in dedicated rooms in NJ and Ohio. Depending on the bulk density of the powder, the batch blend sizes range from 4,000 lbs. to 6,000 lbs. We have the ability to spray liquids into the blender and nitrogen can be introduced to inert blends. Material can be discharged into a variety of packaging or can be transferred to another processing room for granulation or pelletizing.

(4) 80 Cubic Ft. Our 80 cubic ft. blenders are capable of blending batch sizes between 1,500 lbs. – 2,200 lbs. The blenders have spray nozzles for adding liquids and nitrogen can be added to inert blends. Material can be discharged into a variety of packaging or the blenders can be moved into various production rooms for pelletizing or granulation.