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Size Reduction/Milling

Various Styles of Mechanical Mills

Toll Compaction offers various styles of mechanical mills that can be used to delump, granulate, or pulverize a wide variety of solids.  Our milling equipment includes Pulva Mills, numerous Fitzmills, and an Air Classifier Mill. Each mill is set up in a dedicated room to eliminate the potential for cross contamination. The Fitzmills and Pulva Mills can be set up for cryogenic milling.

Why Mill?

Most likely, a percentage of the bulk solids that you use in your manufacturing process are too large and create flow or performance issues. Milling allows the customer to optimize their manufacturing capabilities in the following ways:

  • Create a particle size that best suits your processing needs
  • Limit the amount of segregation during a powder blend by matching the particle sizes of the various raw materials.
  • Increase/decrease the bulk density of a product by changing its particle size distribution.
  • Improve the flow characteristics of your product.

Mill Types


For coarse grinding of dry or wet materials

Pulva Mill

For fine grinding of dry or wet materials

Air Classifier Mill 

For fine grinding of dry or wet materials