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Two Century 100
California Pellet Mills

Our plant in NJ has two Century 100 California Pellet Mills located in two separate, dedicated processing rooms. A pellet mill works by feeding powdered material into the rolls of the pellet mill. The material is then forced through the die and is compressed into a pellet. A set of blades cut the material to a desired length after the material is extruded through the die.

Why Pelletize?

To increase/decrease bulk density. 
By controlling the bulk density, you can control the flow and metering ability of a product.

To reduce dust. 
A dusty work environment is not only a nuisance but can pose a serious health and explosion risk. A pelletized product significantly reduces dusting.

To create a desired particle size. 
By changing the size of the die in the pellet mill and by adjusting the cutting blades, we can control the diameter and length of the pellet.